MARIE SHANNON | Short Stories

June 17 — July 21, 2018

    Trish Clark Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Marie Shannon to coincide with the 2018 Auckland Festival of Photography. Auckland-based artist Marie Shannon has been creating delicately intimate, witty and thoughtful works for over thirty years. While her immediate domestic surroundings have remained her primary concern, her work has at times addressed the artwork of others as a way to investigate the creative process. Working with photography as her principal medium, Shannon’s practice also incorporates drawing and video. Her use of a large-format camera and her own hand-printing results in sharp, finely detailed silver gelatin prints, variously toned with sepia, selenium and gold. Shannon is interested in the narrative or poetic resonance of the single object, “using photography to display, or show something and to ask the viewer to pay particular attention to it.”

    Short Stories marks an exhibition departure for Shannon in bringing together a body of moving image works developed over the last eight years. Since the death of her partner, artist Julian Dashper, in 2009, Shannon has been cataloguing his works and archive in their shared Auckland studio. From this lengthy process she has gathered the material for her recent text-based video works and related photographs. Her desire to use text in a visual, as well as a narrative context, stems from an interest in the conventions of text titles and credits in movies. The newly completed Car Stories, 2018, expands the notion of reflection on life’s journeying by way of the elegant recurring text motif cataloguing every car ever driven by the artist. Warm and whimsical while conceptually acute, Shannon’s work always delivers lingering impact.

    In 2017 her survey exhibition, Rooms found only in the home was presented at Dunedin Public Art Gallery and is now touring New Zealand. Developed from DPAG’s holdings of the artist’s work and her personal archive, the exhibition brought together the history and current concerns of this important artist. Short Stories will elucidate the artist’s importance within contemporary New Zealand art practice for those less familiar with her long-time practice.


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    • video still from Car Stories, 2018
    • video still from Car Stories, 2018
    • video still from What I Am Looking At, 2011
    • video still from Rooms In The House, 2016
    • video still from The Aachen Faxes, 2012