April 14 — June 20, 2014

Trish Clark Gallery opened its central Auckland location at 1 Bowen Avenue in April 2014, marking 30 years since owner Trish Clark opened her original gallery in Auckland’s High Street. Initially representing twenty artists, many of whom are senior figures in New Zealand art, Trish Clark Gallery also introduces a number of renowned international artists to the Australasian region, and will complement works by gallery artists with curated guest artists/artworks in a programme of innovative exhibitions across a variety of media.

The inaugural exhibition entitled RE:VISION is an ambitious project showing works by seventeen artists. Vision, and revision: the works in the show cohere loosely around the wide readings that can be drawn from these two simple words that constitute lifetimes of activities in the arts. The unique vision of individual artists, across time, and the constant re-visioning of their practices is referenced alongside Trish Clark’s own re-visioning and re-purposing.