2020 COVID-19 Closure


    We were so looking forward to sharing with you the exciting year ahead, with Anthony McCall’s second solo show scheduled to open 18 April (now pushed back to February 2021), followed by solo exhibitions by Phil Dadson, Stella Brennan and Christine Webster and a 2-person show by Galia Amsel and Pacific Sisters’ photographer Vivienne Joyce Haldane.

    We will mount these exhibitions later in the year as circumstances dictate.

    We hope you are healthy, and our hearts go out to those not so; we have family, friends and colleagues in lockdown situations around the globe, while here in the South Pacific it seems we have avoided the worst, but the future is unknown. The COVID-19 pandemic demands new and thoughtful responses from all of us as we attempt to navigate the unprecedented situation in which all of humanity now finds itself – notwithstanding whether in particular countries it is an accelerating or decelerating crisis.

    Artists create works as acts of intention and communication. Galleries mediate those acts into the world through exhibitions and other means. In this new time of isolation and social/physical distancing, we will maintain communications of all sorts, so art-lovers can draw on the sustenance offered by artists’ creative energies. We have just launched our new website with additional functionality (it appears tailor-made for lockdown but we’ve been working on it since last year!) that collates a treasure trove of fascinating artist talks, interviews and visual media able to be explored, and we’ll keep sharing great curated content via periodic email outreach.

    Crises tend to strip away the unimportant and reveal the commonality, courage and compassion that in fact we all share and have deep reserves of. ‘Normal’ life may have ceased for much of the global population, but the time and space this opens up for the majority not desperately unwell may in fact guide new realisations and thinking about socio-political choices, and opportunities for global co-operation to address that further planetary issue: the climate crisis (though with a more distant horizon than COVID-19, arguably a greater emergency).

    Wishing you all the best in these unprecedented times,