September 13 — October 26, 2019

    Trish Clark Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition by Eemyun Kang in Australasia. Kang’s work has been exhibited widely in the UK and internationally. Selected solo shows include Dozing River (2010) at Tina Kim Gallery in New York and Fungalland and the Stranded Mother Whale (2012) at Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway. Kang has also participated at various group shows around the world, at Kukje Gallery, Seoul; Art Seonje Centre, Seoul; Korean Cultural Centre, London; Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia; Union Gallery, London; and Royal Academy of Arts, London. Along with Trish Clark Gallery, Kang, a young artist just beginning to make her mark, is represented by prestigious galleries internationally: Kukje Gallery in Seoul, Tina Kim Gallery in New York and Timothy Taylor Gallery in London.

    Born in Korea, where she did her initial art training, Kang furthered her studies at London’s Slade School of Fine Art and then completed postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Arts. Upon graduation in 2009, she was awarded the school’s prestigious Gold Medal. In 2012 Kang received her doctoral degree from the University of East London. Although she has spent her entire artistic career in the cross-cultural urban environment of London, Kang admits to retaining a sense of dislocation and now accepts this as a defining element in her work. Her underlying interest in hybridity stems from this experience, her fictional hybrid worlds existing in the constant interplay between subject and object, reality and subconscious, known and unknown.

    Referencing mythology, folklore, psychology and mycology, Kang handles these themes with a deep curiosity. Her paintings alternate between figuration and abstraction, using gestural and energetic brushstrokes to create elaborate mysterious but suggestive works on very varied scales. With a vocabulary that incorporates a range of biomorphic forms, including fungi, plants, and animals, Kang’s subjects are never quite as they seem. In a state of perpetual metamorphosis or evolution, they remain inherently unknowable.

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